About me

aboutmeMila Atkovska has been photographing since she could hold a camera, but her professional journey started in 2006 with a tiny digital nikon camera – Nikon CoolPix 4100 (google it, laugh, thank me later) which taught her the valuable lesson that photography is not about the gear, but about the eye and mind behind it. It also taught her the importance of the mind blowing post processing skills you’re gonna have to acquire to make up for your camera’s flaws, so, to this day, she still regularly makes human sacrifices to her god Adobe, so he will continue to improve her Photoshop wizardry.

Even after all that time, Mila still can’t decide on a specific genre of photography, so she does almost all of them, taking comfort in the fact that at least her style is pretty recognizable. Her favorite genres at the moment are food, pet and travel photography, mostly because you get to eat the food afterwards, play with the pets, and, well, who doesn’t like to go to some nice places? There was also a phase in her career when she was a nightlife photographer, which confirmed that she can still work while very drunk and improvise under an insane amount of pressure due to horrible settings. However, she always likes a challenge, so don’t be surprised that after a month all her cameras end up looking like 50 year old offroad vehicles.

When she’s not writing about herself in the third person, Mila likes to travel to warm places, grow organic food, play video games, watch a whole season of a TV show in one day or find other non constructive ways to destroy her eyesight.